Our mission

At Xtracked we made it our mission to create ultimate ease of use for model railway enthusiasts.

Our vision

Through innovation we want to offer model railway enthusiasts ultimate ease of use. We do this in 3 steps.

Xtracked SmartHub

Our first product is the Xtracked SmartHub, a plug and play module that makes your existing command station smart and connected. From now on, you can control your model railway easily and quickly using our free Apps for Android and iOS.

Xtracked API

We are also launching the Xtracked API, the new standard in model railway control that allows you to build your own control Apps in no time.

Xtracked Phase 2

The Xtracked SmartHub is just the beginning. Through software updates your product is continuously improving. At the same time, we are working on smart sensors, a powerful command station and realistic controllers. With Xtracked you are ready for the future.

Works with what you have

We do not want to replace your existing system. We want to drastically simplify it and upgrade it with the latest wireless technologies and innovations.