Xtracked SmartHub BETA

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The Xtracked SmartHub is a plug and play module that makes your existing command station smart and connected. From now on, you can control your model railway easily and quickly using our free Apps for Android and iOS.

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Plug and play

The Xtracked SmartHub is an instant upgrade for your model railway. You can easily connect it to your existing command station via the supplied cable. As soon as you start the Xtracked App, the SmartHub is automatically detected. The Beta version supports XpressNet and is compatible with the digital command stations from Roco (e.g. 10764) and Lenz (LZV100).

Mobile App

Easy to set up and operate via the App, suitable for mobile and tablet.


Create your own control panels with widgets for speed, functions and more.


No more remembering addresses, but selecting trains instantly via name and photo.


You can easily share photos and details of trains with the community.

Xtracked API

A simple-to-use open platform with which you can build your own integrations.

Software Updates

You will automatically receive the latest feature updates.

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