Xtracked SmartHub X1

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The Xtracked SmartHub X1 is a plug and play device that makes your existing Roco/Fleischmann and Lenz command station smart and connected. From now on, you can control your model railway easily and quickly using the free Xtracked App for Android (iOS App coming 2021).


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Plug and play

The Xtracked SmartHub X1 is an instant upgrade for your model railway. You can easily connect it to your existing command station via the supplied cable. As soon as you start the Xtracked App, the SmartHub X1 is automatically detected. The Xtracked SmartHub X1 supports XpressNet and is compatible with the digital command stations from Roco/Fleischmann (e.g. 10764, Z21) and Lenz (LZV100).

Mobile App

Easy to set up and operate via the App, suitable for mobile and tablet.


Create your own control panels with widgets for speed, functions and more.


You no longer have to remember decoder addresses, simply select your locomotive by name and photo.

Safe & Secure

Your data is stored safely in the cloud and instantly synchronised between all your devices.

A simple-to-use open platform that allows you to build your own control Apps in no time.

Soon on GitHub

Software Updates

Your SmartHub will automatically receive the latest improvements and feature updates.

Easy to set up

The Xtracked SmartHub X1 comes with a free App for Android (iOS App coming 2021) and is extremely simple to set up. The Xtracked App will guide you through the entire setup process step by step. From connecting the SmartHub to your command station to setting up the SmartHub on your Wi-Fi network.

Plug in SmartHub

Connect the micro USB cable to the SmartHub and plug in the power adapter.

Connect multiMAUS

Connect a multiMAUS to the MASTER or X-BUS port on your command station.

Connect SmartHub

Connect the SmartHub to the SLAVE or X-BUS port on your command station.

Additional controllers

Connect up to three additional controllers to the SmartHub.

Everything you need

The Xtracked SmartHub X1 comes with everything you need to upgrade your Roco/Fleischmann or Lenz command station with the latest wireless technologies and innovations by Xtracked. In the box you will find the Xtracked SmartHub X1, the Xtracked power adapter, an XpressNet cable (1 meter), a micro-USB cable (1 meter), Quickstart cards and a personal handwritten Thank You card from our founders.


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