Version: June 21, 2022

Clause 1. Applicability

  1. This Privacy Policy relates to AVB-Beheer B.V. (henceforth: Xtracked), registered at Wikke 4, 4194 AH Meteren, the Netherlands, KvK (Chamber of Commerce) number: 61947377.
  2. This Privacy Policy applies to the services provided by Xtracked and the personal information processed by Xtracked for this purpose. The terms and conditions in this Privacy Policy must be accepted before purchasing any of Xtracked’s products and/or services.

Clause 2. Xtracked’s use of Personal Information

  1. Whenever you make use of the services provided by Xtracked, personal information such as your first name, surname, address and email address will be processed.
  2. Xtracked reserves the right to make combinations of personal information, including combining this with other people’s personal information or with Xtracked’s own databases.
  3. Your personal information will be processed as necessary to fulfil the Agreements that you have made with Xtracked.
  4. Xtracked is entitled to analyse (statistical) information regarding your use of the services and may share this with such third parties as are deemed reliable by Xtracked, with the aim of optimising (the use of) the services.
  5. Xtracked may use your personal information for the following purposes:
    1. To devise appropriate personalised offers and to improve Xtracked’s Products and services.
  6. Xtracked is authorized to disclose your personal information to third parties when:
    1. Necessary for the processing of the personal information as described in this Privacy Policy;
    2. Xtracked is ordered to do so on the grounds of a court ruling or judicial order;
    3. Xtracked is requested to do so as a consequence of your unlawful conduct (alleged or otherwise);
    4. Necessary, within reason, to exercise Xtracked’s rights or to make claims against persons or organizations, including the enforcement of agreements.

Clause 3. Access and Changes to Personal Information

  1. It is possible to access and, where necessary, change your own personal information. This can be done by sending an email to Xtracked at Xtracked will delete information only after due consideration.

Clause 4. Security

  1. Xtracked makes use of diverse security technologies and procedures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, unauthorized use or unauthorized disclosure. For example, the information is stored on servers with limited accessibility, located in secure facilities. Sensitive information (such as credit card numbers) is encrypted using for example the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol before being sent via Internet. Our employees are required to protect the privacy of our Customers’ information, and the same is demanded of our partners and suppliers.

Clause 5. Other

  1. Xtracked reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy at any time. After a revision, you will be made aware of the new Privacy Policy before you can make use of Xtracked’s services. At your request the most recent version of the Privacy Policy will be sent to you.
  2. By continuing to make use of the services after a revision of the Privacy Policy, you implicitly consent to the processing of your personal information as detailed in the new version of the Privacy Policy.
  3. For questions or comments, please contact Xtracked by email:
  4. This Privacy Policy is subject to Dutch law. Disputes will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts in Xtracked’s domicile.